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Our business .....

is to build large, secure and comfortable cruisingkatamaraner for the larger inland lakes, coast and oceans.

They are entirely eco-friendly by sail-service and electric motors to supplement. Batteries recharged when flying and using electric motors when there is no wind.

The sails will be an automatich wingsailsystem in cooperation with Peter Worsley,

Our big catamarans are designed by one of the world's most respected and most experienced sailors and catamarandesigners, Richard Woods from England.

We do not compromise in terms of material of our catamarans: we use epoxy, fiberglass and modified wood to build a lightweight, strong, stress-resistant and osmosstable composites.

To detect hull damage by external influences at an early stage, we have standard-hulled continuous monitoring at 16 points in the hull. 

Our catamarans will be built entirely in Sweden, namely in Näsviken in Hudiksvall Municipality. Näsviken located at the exit of the large Dellen. Hence our company name Dellencat which is a short version of Dellencatamaran.

Deliveries to the sea can be made from Hudiksvall om the east couast of Sweden 4 ours by car north of Stockholm.

What is modified wood?

Modification of wood means that wood is affected so that there may be other properties that are permanent.

We will use wood from three types of modification. All of these are environmentally friendly processor.

Heat treated.

When it heats up the wood at high temperatures under very controlled conditions. It is following a carefully regulated temperature tidkurva in oxygen-free environment for the wood treatment and may be permanent changes in properties. It may be mainly a timber which is the form stable (not swell when trying to soak it down) and very persistent against rot and can be used as cladding on the facades, outdoor walkways, garden furniture and so on.

Manufactured in particular by providing the company Heat Wood which also includes the EcoBuild. See


Pressure impregnation in FA solution. Usual woods may, after reading a similar appearance and properties as teak. (form stable, equal strength and hardness, resistant to rot and insects.)

Manufactured in particular of Kebony in Norway, which also includes the EcoBuild.



Pressure impregnation with acetic anhydride. This method affects the color less than fururylering and you get even with this method form stability (not sucking water and swells are not), resistance to rot and insect pests such as shipworm. The wood retains its good mechanical properties.

Manufactured in EcoBuild.